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Hugo responsive template

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Found proper template for Hugo

After long searches I finally found it! Solid Hugo template. It is called Hugo bootstrap premium. Is solved absolute majority of issues I listed in the previous post about the default Hugo template.

Issues list it solves, form default template

  • SHTML4
  • The bad thing 2 source files for CSS and 2 for JS. This one I’m not gonna fix soon.
  • In theme layout tag script is outside <body>
  • Noticed that SASS files are copied into public folder
  • CSS inside HTML
  • Meta Robots are not found
  • Meta Description not found
  • Failed CSS Validation: 36 errors 153 warnings
  • 2 H1 tags on the page - one is the name of the blog, another name of the post
  • Missing Keywords Tags
  • No Canonical link found

Almost all of the was solved by changing template. Only one is not solved:

  • The bad thing 2 source files for CSS and 2 for JS. I’m not gonna fix this one after I’m more familiar with Hugo.

W3 Check

Unbelievable, it passed! It definitelly builds trust for this template.

Hugo boostrap premium w3 validation

Ok, there was not straight away, some of my images in the post didn’t have ALT, but it is still unbelievable

More info

Only small thing I disliked in this template, that it is loading angular.js. I didn’t debug yet, why it is needed, but now it is loading a bit too much JS and CSS files.

Hugo Google Page Speed

It is solvable with assets builders, but for now it is great success!


I highly recommend this template for everybody. It is not only flexible and easy for user, it is integrated with Social networks and chat services, so you do not need to worry about lots of stuff.