Blogging fun by Sergej Jevsejev

Java 8 language capabilities, What's in it for you? The notes.

- java 8 notes

Java 8 language capabilities. The notes.

When you attend Coderetreat for the first time

- coderetreat training event

Sharing the learnings after attending Coderetreat event for the first time

Java libraries you can't miss in 2017

- Java libraries list

Java library list you can’t miss in 2017

Kubernetes experience with KOPS on AWS. February 2017

- AWS Kubernetes docker

Assessment whether Kubernetes is fully usable on AWS

Why terraform is obsolete for AWS infrastructure only

- terraform AWS cloudformation provisioning

Why terraform is obsolete for AWS infrastructure only

Book notes. Browser Networking by Ilya Grigorik

- book-notes networking performance

Personal notes about the book Browser Networking by Ilja Grigorik

Best task runner for Vanilla Docker projects

- docker-vanilla environment-development task-runner

Best task runner analysis for Vanilla Docker based projects

One command static website setup on AWS S3

- AWS S3 terraform terraform-template

Guide to setup static website on AWS S3 under 10 minutes

Writing tests for Docker images

- docker docker-image tests quality

Tests for Docker images

Minimal Docker Nodejs image with support for private repositories

- docker docker-image nodejs

Docker minimal image with support for private Git repositories